High-flow Coextruded Drainage Catheter

The Challenge/Customer Need:

The customer engaged MedVenture to apply innovation to what traditionally has been a stagnant technology in percutaneously draining an abscess in the body to the exterior by means of gravity and/or negative pressure.

The Solution/MedVenture’s Resolution:

MedVenture assigned a multidisciplinary team to efficiently translate the desired functional requirements into a robust design, at a commercially viable price point for high volume manufacturing. MedVenture partnered with the customer’s engineering and marketing groups to interpret clinicians’ needs and develop the industry’s first co-extruded drainage catheter line with optimized geometry, materials, coatings and hub design. These innovations were applied to a full line product offering of varying lengths and configurations.

The Result/Customer Market Impact:

The novel high-flow coextruded catheter line was designed, developed and launched into manufacturing by MedVenture in less than 12 months. The device design exceeded the initial performance requirements, enabling the customer to introduce to the market a highly competitive product with lower friction, superior trackability, increased column strength, higher flow rate and premium hub locking performance.