Product Development:
Industrial Design

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Freudenberg Medical Minimally Invasive Solutions provides customers access to world-class innovations and adaptations through our industrial design department. This phase of development takes a customer’s vision from simple sketches to creative three-dimensional animations and detailed storyboards for use in product development, marketing support, training media, presentations and efforts to secure capital investments.

Engineers apply vast experience, fresh ideas and a clear vision to the issues of critical human factors and user interface challenges, providing customers with a product focused on ease-of-use and efficiency of delivery. This unique design philosophy demands first-rate creativity and a resourceful approach to problem solving.

Designers at Freudenberg Medical Minimally Invasive Solutions adeptly use several techniques to ensure development of products that meet each customer’s needs and expectations:

Our visionary approach to designing and producing customers’ products delivers features that are preferred by the end user. Incorporating advanced styling, functional details and ease-of-use components ensure stellar products every time.

Our in-house prototyping lab and model shop fully support and integrate with all of our design, development and manufacturing services to provide prototypes, fixtures, special assembly machinery and molds. Our diverse capabilities provide our customers with a wide range of modern resources and facilities for prototype and tooling development throughout the product development cycle up to and including custom manufacturing.