Product Development:
Fixtures, Special Assembly Machinery & Tooling

Fixtures and Special Assembly Machinery

Our in-house facilities are fully-equipped to support manufacturing, able to build either simple assembly fixtures or complex assembly stations. Our engineering technicians are journeyman toolmakers – precision craftsmen who are capable of managing the most unique project from start to finish. They join the project development team at conception and work as an integral part of the team to minimize the time from development to full manufacturing. Their in-depth knowledge of each piece of assembly equipment and our in-house facility allows them to maintain the medical manufacturing operation at peak operational efficiency.

Freudenberg Medical Minimally Invasive Solutions designs and fabricates fixtures ranging from simple hand held mechanical aids for product development and manufacturing, to sophisticated fixtures or machines with pneumatic and PLC control systems. All can be developed, debugged and assembled with quick turnaround times to fit customer needs. Freudenberg Medical Minimally Invasive Solutions draws upon local industry strength and expertise in state-of-the-art technologies such as CNC machining, wire and conventional EDM, micro machining, and laser cutting.

Freudenberg Medical Minimally Invasive Solutions creates tooling and fixture prints, assembly drawings, and 3D models for fixture needs through the utilization of our solid modeling and finite element analysis programs, enabling us to provide our customers with fast and timely responses to all situations.

Mold Tooling

Our design and manufacturing engineering talent manages this region’s substantial and diverse network of resources and maintains the flexibility to keep the customer’s needs for speed, quality and cost the top priority. Each mold is designed and produced under the close scrutiny of our product design team. Every mold is constructed from the finest components and certificates of compliance are required for all tool steels. All plastic components are subjected to mold flow analyses prior to mold construction. Each mold is run in a state-of-the-art facility with validated processes. All molds are subject to a preventative maintenance program and stored in a controlled environment.