Assembly Manufacturing:
Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment

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Our vision is to continually improve customer service, enhance quality and reduce total cost.

Inventory Management

To reach our goal of balanced inventory levels, we use several techniques. Implementation of these systems decreases product down time and maintains inventory value:

Order Fulfillment

Freudenberg Medical Minimally Invasive Solutions provides its customers with a streamlined process for orders. One directive results in a product being pulled, packaged and shipped directly to its destination. Shipping information is then automatically forwarded to our customers, providing them with easy reference and invoicing details.

Core Competencies & Safeguards

We continually work to evaluate and improve our relationships with distribution partners. Our Supplier Scorecard provides Freudenberg Medical Minimally Invasive Solutions an opportunity to analyze:

We also use several no-fail strategies to ensure customer orders are filled promptly and accurately: